Dr. Chris Knobbe is an optometrist as well as additionally Associate Clinical Professor Emeritus, formerly of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, in Dallas, Texas. He is furthermore the designer as well as likewise president of Cure AMD Foundation, a not-for-profit business dedicated to the evasion of vision loss from age-related macular wear and tear (AMD).

Dr. Knobbe has a deep interest rate normally nutrition, especially as it links to consistent degenerative problem, though his secret area of efficiency is with the issue AMD. AMD is the leading source of long-term vision loss along with loss of view in people over the age of 65, currently influencing about 196 million people worldwide.

Dr. Knobbe’s research study campaigns as well as likewise progressed concept for the nutritional basis of AMD have in fact resulted in a launched scientific paper, a magazine– Ancestral Dietary Strategy to Treat as well as likewise prevent Macular Degeneration– a web website, CureAMD.org, along with a 2nd magazine currently intended. Knobbe’s existing research study focuses substantially on omega-6 seed oil use as a substantial unifying driver of the consistent degenerative problems of human, including AMD.