A cute, compact 5.5 Kg kitchen – machine for modern houses

Rugged, strong, and easy to operate

The crusher system is made of food-grade SS

Low power consumption 1 Unit for 3 liters of oil

Low noise level (70 db)

Why should you make oil on your own?

A technology that brings back the traditional cold-crush process to liberate you from the grip of unhealthy packs.
The oils which are heat-processed for ” refinement” end up losing all useful fats, minerals, and vitamins and increase bad Cholesterol content.
In most branded oils to prolong the shelf life-preserving chemicals are added, diluting the natural attributes and inviting undesired side – effects.
In certain cases, to compensate for processing costs, oils are found to be blended with Mineral oils like Liquid Paraffin.

What you should know about Seeds2oil

Hopper Capacity: The hopper can hold 1/2 Kg of seeds.

Time Taken: Starts producing oil in a few seconds and gives 1 ltr. within 1/2 hr.

Oil Quantity: Generally 40% by weight varying according to the nature of seeds

Oil Taste: Tastes exactly the way natural cold-pressed oil does.

Ruggedness: Capable of continuous operation for hours with a cleaning break-up of 10 min every 4 hrs. of use

Temperature Setting: The temperature of oil extracted is below the cold press limit of 125 C, actually 70 C

Seed Quality: Seeds should be free of stones, dust, and other impurities. The moisture content should be below 5 %

Safety: Very Safe, If the instruction as per the manual is followed

Waste Cake: Waste cakes are an edible and good source of protein. It can be used for making snacks or for fodder and organic manure.

Warranty / Guarantee: One-year warranty for Motor. One year of free service. Guarantee for parts. Replacement of parts Chargeable