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0:00 – The Switcheroo
1:52 – History of Vegetable Oils
3:50 – Enter the American Heart Association
5:27 – The Massive Increase in Vegetable Oil Consumption
6:06 – Is Vegetable Oil Bad or Benign?
6:55 – Why do some pet canines live longer than others?
7:51 – Vegetable Oil remains in your body for several years
9:11 – Hidden Data
12:08 – Vegetable Oils remain to remain in EVERYTHING
13:07 – Why Vegetable Oils misbehave for Health
15:04 – The Toxic Oxidation Products
16:28 – How Vegetable Oils are made
18:33 – Are Vegetable Oils connected to Alzheimer’s?
20:06 – Mitochondria, The Powerhouse of the Cell
24:35 – Most Studies on Vegetable Oils aren’t sufficient time
26:04 – Why aren’t a great deal even more individuals reviewing this?

Nina should have a bargain a whole lot even more certification on this video clip, she was
amongst the preliminary truly preliminary individuals went down shed on the problems troubles seed oils as well as likewise together with history background simply exactly how exactly simply exactly how ended up being.